About Us

All of the content on this site is written by me, Peter Brennan. I’m a boomer who is a citizen of the EU, Canada, and the USA, currently residing in Vancouver, BC.

I’ve been a professional software developer since 1980 – I first learned to code in high school in 1972 using punch cards!

I’ve always managed to stay up to date with technology, even while managing projects, and have worked on large-scale projects in all the latest buzz-worthy technology, and even some that had a lot of buzz, but was not worthy.

I normally travel a lot for business and pleasure but since I’m cooped up in Vancouver due to the pandemic, and unlikely to be traveling anywhere for some time, I decided to write a blog about my long career in software development, computer consulting, managing projects, traveling with laptops, etc.

I launched a personal blog, but after writing a post or two there about hosting, I decided to spin off this blog to focus just on hosting. Over the years, I’ve created lots of websites on a multitude of providers in multiple countries, so my plan is to share some of that knowledge. There may be some crossover of content, but we’ll see how it goes.

This site is part of the Pete and Paul Plan – boomers giving knowledge on the web. My friend Paul is a boomer who has researched the ‘making money online’ niche extensively, and writes about it on AttainMindset.com.

Please Note: This site contains affiliate links. I just recently signed up as an affiliate with a few hosting providers that I trust. If you click on the links to those providers and sign up for service, two things will happen: (1) you will get service from a good provider, and (2) I will get a small commission. The cost to you through these links will be the same or better than if you go direct to the provider. I will only link to providers that I trust and have recommended long before I became an affiliate.

About the name of this site: number1hosting.com was the site of a small web hosting company in Southern California, where I lived for 30 years. I often was tempted to use them for hosting, but always ended up using other providers. When I was poking around for a domain name, I first picked hostingahoy.com because I’m a keen sailor, but then I saw that this domain was available, and picked it up for old times sake. Plus, I plan to give ‘Number 1 Hosting Advice’😊.