Hosting advice from an expert

I set up my first web site in 1995, and this blog is my attempt to share my knowledge with anyone who would like hosting advice from an expert, but does not know one.   I will give my advice based on personal experience with using hosting providers, and also show some examples on migrating sites between providers.

Who Am I, to offer hosting advice?

hosting advice from and expert

My name is Peter Brennan, and I’ve been a professional software developer since 1980. When the web came along I focussed on large-scale web application development. Most projects have involved lots of coding in Java, PHP, or Javascript, but I have had to set up many websites in the USA, Canada, and Europe. I live in Vancouver, BC now, so my focus will be on hosting providers that work well in Canada and the USA.

Which providers have I used?

I have set up websites on many different shared hosting providers, VPS providers, dedicated servers, and most of the big cloud companies.

There are now hundreds of hosting providers, so I do not claim to have tried them all, but I can and will give advice based on my extensive experience, and will only recommend those hosts with which I have recent personal experience.

*Affiliate links: I only recently signed up as an affiliate with the few hosting providers that I trust. If you click on the links to those providers, and sign up for service, two things will happen: (1) you will get service from a good provider, and (2) I will get a commission. The only providers I will link to are the ones that I trust and have recommended before I became an affiliate.

What kind of Hosting Advice will I cover?

In this blog, I will discuss and recommend hosting providers, give some detailed descriptions of migrating to various providers, and I will discuss my web development tools. My everyday work laptop is a Macbook pro, but I have a few Windows laptops, and in my ongoing search for a perfect travel machine, I have recently been trying out web development on Chromebooks.

I have a personal blog, where I write about the changes in software development since I started coding, COBOL, Y2K, Node.js, SQL, and anything else that strikes my fancy. There will probably be some cross-over, but I’m going to try to keep this blog focussed on hosting.